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> For my Int $c = $float, though, I'd want coercion.
> And I think it is wrong to have such a huge difference between literals
> and values: if a variable coerces, a literal has to do so too.

How do you tell the compiler "this must never be a float, ever"?

There is a conflict between the usefulness of coercion and the
usefulness of staticness, and I think we need to be able to express

Perhaps we need two ways to type annotate:

        hard annotations - applies to assignment or binding lvalues, and
        states that the type must be an accurate subtype - no coercion
        is allowed at all.

        soft annotations - applies to assignment or binding lvalues, and
        specifies that the thing contained in it must always be of the
        annotated type, after the assignment. That is - a value must be
        coerced as a copy to enter this container if it's type doesn't

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