Feather has been online for a few months now, and I think it's a good
idea to try to evaluate, and to see how it can further improve

The machine has 49 user accounts and is used in several ways. It is
mostly used to connect to IRC. Pugs and parrot are compiled and
developed a lot on feather. The webserver and email server are not used
much, even though email access was requested several times.

The only downtime was little over a week ago, when for unknown reasons
there was a kernel panic. I was unable to attach a display to it too see
what caused it. This downtime was very quickly noticed by several users
and fixed the next day, by cycling power.

I have no idea how much bandwidth feather uses, but I've had no
complaints from Twistspace (who sponsor bandwidth and colocation at
Schiphol, NL) so far.

Services currently provided and used on feather (that I know of):

- shell access (ssh2, several shells, use of screen allowed and encouraged)
- web server (http, put files in ~/public_html)
- mail server (imaps, pop3s, and web(https) access, delivered to ~/Maildir)
- finger (put some info in ~/.plan)
- irc connectivity (using irssi or the web interface(https))
- automatic fresh parrot and pugs every 15 minutes (thanks, eric256)
- local pugs svk repository (thanks, autrijus)
- irc evalbot (evals irc queries using the most recent pugs build)

Because the load is under 0.1 most of the time, and there is usually
over 100 MB of RAM free (read: wasted), there is still plenty of room
for more users. If you think you can do something for Perl 6 using
feather, but do not have an account yet, let me know and I'll adduser

>From the people who already have a feather account, I would like to

- how often do you use feather?
- for what do you use it? (why do you prefer feather for this?)
- what kind of improvement would you like to see?
- what services do you, or are you planning to provide with feather?
- how would you describe your role in Perl 6 development?

Please answer these files in a .plan file in your home directory. I plan
on making these available through a web interface soon.

There are no data backups for feather. I am considering weekly backups.
Do you think they are needed?


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