Stevan Little wrote:
If you would please give a real-world-useful example of this usage of class-methods, I am sure I could show you, what I believe, is a better approach that does not use class methods.

The example I've wanted to code in Java is along the lines of:

public class Base {
  public static main(String[] args) {

and then define a bunch of derived classes as my main class.

public class Derived extends Base {
  static init() { print("doing init"); }
  static do_it(String[] args) { print("doing body"); }
  static cleanup() { print("doing cleanup"); }

% javac Derived
% java Derived

In other words, I wanted to not have a main function on the class that I run as the application.

This example, of course, doesn't apply to Perl -- but I think that the basic pattern is still useful

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