--- Piers Cawley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> How about:
>   my method SCALAR::attributes($self:) { $$self }
>   my method HASH::attributes(%self:) { %self.kv }
>   my method ARRAY::attributes(@self:) { [EMAIL PROTECTED] }
>   method _attributes($attrs) {
>     my @attributes = $attrs.attributes
>     return @attributes[0] if @attributes == 1;
>     ...
>   }
> Assuming it's legal.

Just saw this.  Sorry for the late reply.

At first that gave me the willies, then I noticed the "my" on the
front.  I assume because of the "my" on there that this would affect
those data types only locally?  That seems like it would be a nice

Is this legal syntax?


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