I think what bothers me most about this is that it seems there is no way to tell the difference between class methods and instance methods. That the distinction is only made when the body of the method does something which is is not supposed to do (method called with a class invocant attempts to access an instance variable, etc).

This is one of the major problems that I have always had with Perl 5 OO. That there is a very fuzzy fuzzy line between the responsibilities of a class and an instance.

I can see the notion of "a class which is not yet instantiated", this makes sense in many contexts. But I don't think that in order to have this, we need to bring back this element of Perl 5 OO. I think we can still have all the behaviors you have been describing, and still keep classes and their instances as distinct entities.

It just recently occured to me that Class is a Package. So, on the object model level, class methods/attributes belong to the Package part of a class, while instance methods/attributes belong to the Class part of a class - insofar as they're made distinct by use of my/our.

Larry's proposal is to remove that difference for multimethods. Personally I can't think of a good objection to that idea (except if it may be bad for performance - is there a plan to infer types and auto-inline? I that case, declaring that you don't care about instance part of the object's functionality can really help).


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