On 10/18/05, Rob Kinyon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 3) Macros. Nuff said.

Not quite.  Lispish macros, that is, macros that let you look at what
you're expanding.

> 4) More declarative syntax. This is more of a handwavy, but the syntax
> feels (to me) as if it's more declarative than before. For example,
>     for @x -> $x { ... }
>     for @x -> $x, $y { ... }
> That reads like a math proof. "For all X, do such-and-such".

Uh huh.  Sure it does.

(Were you referring to the fact that @x and $x are different things,
but really refer to the same thing (a collection and a particular
object in the collection)).


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