Markus Laire wrote:

I'm not completely sure if it would be worth the trouble to support only most primitive graphical commands "in core", (no windows, etc..), and leave the rest to the modules (or to the programmer).

To a large extent, I'd want to leave most details to modules, etc. But what would be nice (tm) would be to establish a framework within graphics libraries can the created. Sort of like DBI/DBD: A core set of capabilities ala DBI, implemented in multiple ways via drivers (DBD). The only problem is ... it's hard.

But things like "create window" are the sort of interfaces that you would want to become defacto standards. Drawing pixels/lines is much less interesting (except as exposed by a "canvas" widget)

The thing that makes it feasable is perhaps that most look-and-feel stuff is already externalized from specific applications. So it is reasonable to have a generic "open window" that "just works". Perhaps the equivalent of DBI is semantically the same as the interface to web browsers (client side) -- thats probably the closest we have a broadly accepted standard.

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