Luke Palmer wrote:
On 10/20/05, Nate Wiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

$1 is a prime example. $0 means the program name (all scopes). $1 is the
first match.  It's been that way for a very, very, very long time, and
it works just great. There is no *compelling* reason to change this,
other than to satisfy a few people that think it "should be different".

Thank you for your complaints.  Now that we know that for a certain
portion of perl users, "Perl 5 works fantastic for 95% of the cases,"
we have decided to develop a side project.   You can join in by
subscribing to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Hah, that's clever.

I think you missed my point(s), but if you feel compelled to write me off as a "complainer" just because I have a counter-opinion that is at least somewhat built from a good amount of experience, then I do think you're wearing a set of blinders to practical issues.


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