> Speaking of which, the advantage of, say, « over << is that the former
> is _one_ character. But Y, compared to ¥, is one character only as
> well, and is even more visually distinctive with most fonts I know of,
> afaict, so is there any good reason to keep the latter as the
> "official" one?!?

I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I prefer ¥ because I don't
like infix operators that look like identifiers.  It's idiosyncratic,
admittedly, but I dislike Pascal's "mod" and Perl5's "x" for the same
reason.  Even with the ability to use Unicode names, ¥ can't be an
identifier, because it's not a letter, it's a currency symbol.  Now that
we've opened up the Pandora's box of Unicode, we have lots more letters, but
also lots more non-letters, and I'd rather see the latter used for

Just my 2¢. :)

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