At 3:26 PM +0100 10/22/05, Nicholas Clark wrote:
At the risk of re-enforcing my apparent optimism.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 04:02:10PM -0700, Darren Duncan wrote:

 that the next best one to exploit is ยค (euro;
 unicode=20AC; utf8=E282AC), and the next best is

Woah. You've just demonstrated why Euro is far worse than any of the other
"Unicode" characters so far suggested. You mail headers say:

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" ; format="flowed"

The symbol in your message *as sent* is the international currency symbol,
U00A4. The Euro symbol is not part of ISO-8859-1.
(ISO-8859-15 yes, but that's about 10 years more recent)

Actually, what you point out in my message is a limitation of my email client, which I didn't realize existed until now.

I then did a bit of research, and apparently the newest Eudora doesn't support customization of what character set messages are composed with, always sending them using ISO-8859-1. This is apparently a an issue that many Eudora users requested fixed but haven't been addressed.

This said, sending UTF8 files as email attachments, rather than UTF8 in the message body, still works fine, AFAIK, as does transmitting them by other ways such as http or ftp etc.

And my normal text editor handles UTF8 correctly.

Also, apparently some other email clients handle UTF8 properly.

So my email client failed me, but my point still stands that Unicode characters should still be embraced in Perl 6. I just need to replace my email client if I want to type them into the message body.

-- Darren Duncan

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