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I think Perl 6's OO system has the potential to be to OO programming what Perl 5, etc was to text processing. This, I believe, is in large part due to

Sorry for replying so late. Thought it seems appropriate to post this in this time of "Perl 6 fears" and rants threads...

Well, the point is that it is interesting to note that "text processing" is an _application area_, whereas "OO programming" is a programming language paradigm.

Despite the intro above, this is not meant to be a rant or to express a fear. But it is intended to raise a meditation.

After all, being known for text processing capabilities may be somewhat restictive and not faithful of Perl's (including Perl 5) full potentiality, but "OO programming" is somewhat immaterial either, the "only" relevance being the suitability for big projects management.

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