On 10/24/05, H.Merijn Brand <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 11:49:51 -0400, Joshua Gatcomb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> > FEAR: Perl6 internals will be just as inaccessable as p5
> paradox. Many people don't find perl5 inaccessible at all

Who?  Do you know anybody who hacks the regex engine?

> > FEAR: Perl6 will not be able to fix the stigma of "just a scripting
> > language" or "line noise"
> perl5 has never been "just a scripting language"

Yeah, but he's talking about the cultural stigma, which is definitely
present.  However, given the increasing number of high-level design
constructus, I think that this fear will never realize itself.  The
only way it could is from the name "Perl", and once anybody uses it,
it will go away.

> My only current fear is that I won't live long enough to be able to use and
> understand the full richness of what perl6 is going to offer me.
> (Oh, and that perl6 will never be able to upgrade my scripts that use
> 'format', but I'm aware of the plan to make that `obsolete' as in: the
> perl526 translator will dump core on those)

I wonder how hard it would be to actually convert perl 5 formats to
Perl6::Form.  Having never used the former myself, I wouldn't really
know the order of magnitude of this problem.


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