Larry Wall skribis 2005-10-25 15:51 (-0700):
> ^T would still have to be a placeholder variable.

Which it is, in a way.

Still, I don't think ^ as a sigil needs to mean the same thing as ^ as a
twigil. Visually similar pairs are also not related:

    ?foo        $?foo
    *foo        $*foo
    +foo        $+foo
    =foo        $=foo
    <foo ...>   $<foo

I think that it would help, and in different ways, even, to see ยข as a
prefix operator with special syntax, instead of as a sigil. It doesn't
fit well in the list of sub, hash, array, scalar. 

Making it a prefix op would allow whitespace after it, which would make
the "class" keyword not seem so desperato. (I think it's a bad keyword
for this, and picking ^ instead would render it unnecessary, but more
about why I think "class" is bad for this in a later post.)

> And it might conflict with infix ^ if we ever allow xor'ed types,
> since declarations contain lots of things that look like juxtaposed
> terms.

Is this the same "conflict" that occurs in %foo % %bar? 

(I cannot imagine needing a one() junction for types, by the way. If
someone can come up with a good real-life example, please do so.)


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