On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Juerd wrote:

for simple subs in Perl6 I will probably still use @_

You'd be a fool to do so, with the sole exception of list manipulation,

   sub dosomething { @_[0] blah @_[1] }

   sub dosomething ($a, $b) { $a blah $b }

   sub dosomething { $^a blah $^b }

Ouch! I take back my words... (should've thought of it better!)

The @_ solution is really the most ugly and hard to type of the three

I currently only rarely use @_ *directly*. I C<shift> and assign a lot instead. Indeed both are still unnecessarily complex and I once gain take back my word.

I'm still convinced my remark _partly_ applies in the sense that the overall impression is that a vast majority of most common needs is addressed by a *subset* of the current features and trying to stuff all them in has brought in quite a lot of discussions of which I'm not even sure if they've all settled down.

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