On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 07:23:15AM -0700, Eric wrote:
> I'm pretty sure i've heard this discussed but checking S04/Switch
> Statments doesn't make any mention of it.  If it has been settled
> could we get some doc updates?

I looked again more carefully at S04 and saw that Any ~~ Code<$> and
Any ~~ Code<> do in fact have definitions in the smartmatch table.

    Any     Code<$>   scalar sub truth         match if $x($_)
    Any     Code<>    simple closure truth*    match if $x() (ignoring $_)

What is Code<$> and Code<>? Closures accepting a single scalar and no

If so then my and Eric's wishes are answered:

     when { $_ > 5 } { ... }
     when { .caloric_value > $doctors_orders } { ... }

This isn't implemented in pugs yet, but I guess it can be once this is 


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