This question came out of a joking comment on IRC, but it's a serious
concern. Can chained buts be optimized, or must the compiler strictly
create intermediate metaclasses, classes and objects in the following:

        my $a = $b but C but D but E but F;

The difference is between:

        my $tmprole = role {
                is $b.meta.role;
                does C;
                does D;
                does E;
                does F;
        my $a = $b but $tmprole;


        my $tmpbc = $b but C;
        my $tmpbcd = $tmpbc but D;
        my $tmpbcde = $tmpbcd but E;
        my $a = $tmpbcde but F;

In the second example, constructors are called 4 times, but in the first
case constructors are called only once.... sort of. Until you get to
taking about constructors on the metaclasses, but metaclass constructors
still make my head hurt.

The same goes for destructors, but I don't think those get to get called
until everything goes away (since there's a reference chain between

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