On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 06:54:42PM -0200, Flavio S. Glock wrote:
: 2005/11/11, Larry Wall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
: >
: > While you're there, also think about the gray area between arrays and 
: > and whether .[...] subscripts are just a specialized form of .{...} 
: By the way, are lazy hash slices allowed?
:   %h{1...}

I don't see why not.  Why should people have to write

    map { %h{$_} } 1...

to get the lazy behavior?  Plus we can do something intelligent with the
size of the dimension in the case of an array that we know the shape of.

: I asked this in #perl6 when I was implementing lazy arrays (in the p5
: backend), and most people found it was useless. But I thought I would
: just ask again :)

For any given feature, I don't care much about the people who find it
useless--I care more about the people who find it useful.  :-)

(That is, of course, as long as it doesn't get in the way of people
who aren't interested in the feature.)


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