On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 04:05:30AM +0100, Daniel Brockman wrote:
> That is, hyphen and underscore are synonymous in identifiers,
> but an initial hyphen is not taken to be part of the identifier.

Why not make this feature generic and define equivalence classes for
equivalent characters in an identifier?

This would introduce a very interesting mathematical feature to Perl6.

Something else comes here to my mind: Wildcard identifiers:

  foo*bar (12, "foo");
(maybe with a different syntax, i'm not sure yet).
>From the matching functions/subroutines/whatever the one with a
matching signature could be called.

A warning or some exception should be thrown if multiple signatures

Maybe these features could also be implemented via a syntax hook in the
parser maybe:

   use wildcard_identifiers;

   use equivalence_identifiers;

There are no other languages i know where this is possible,
but i would find it quite useful, and i know others that
would like a feature like this.

Wildcard identifiers would play in hand with the module versioning maybe
too. Selecting _any_ version of a module, but i haven't paid much
attention to the syntax/semantic of that.

Robin Redeker

Robin Redeker

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