Luke Palmer wrote:
On 11/21/05, Ingo Blechschmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Of course, the compiler is free to optimize these things if it can prove
that runtime's &statement_control:<if> is the same as the internal
optimized &statement_control:<if>.

Which it definitely can't without some pragma.

Isn't the question just 'when'? I think at the latest it could be
optimized JIT before the first execution, or so. The relevant AST
branch stays for later eval calls which in turn branch off the
sourrounding module's version from within the running system such
that the scope calling the eval sees the new version. And this in
turn might be optimzed and found unchanged in its optimized form.

Sort of code morphing of really first class code. Everything else
makes closures second class ;)

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