On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 02:21:15PM -0500, Matt Fowles wrote:
: I like C< ..^5 > better than C< ^5 > actually.  I was going for the
: rule that an omitted LHS was 0 and an omitted RHS was infinity (your
: probably cannot omit both).

But that only saves you 1 keystroke, and eliminates unary .. for any
other use.

: Regardless, my gut tells me that C< ^5 > is just a little too short
: for what it does.

I'd've felt the same way before I started revising S9, whereupon I
discovered I wanted ^5 all over the place.  It was either that or
make special exceptions for lists containing one element, and that
was gross.

: Also, I find the argument that people will type
: [EMAIL PROTECTED] and get confused fairly convincing.

I dunno.  I'm not confused by it, and I'm easily confused.  Or maybe
I'm just confused about not being confused...


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