On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 01:46:51PM -0500, Rob Kinyon wrote:
> > As for the original question, I think that the Perl 6 grammar will
> > be a much better example for how to parse other languages than a
> > Perl 5 grammar would be, since one of the underlying design currents
> > from the beginning has been that Perl 6 had to be a language that
> > was amenable to parsing by Perl 6 rules (with a little help from a
> > bottom-up operator-precedence expression parser.)
> Once Patrick is done with PGE, will it be able to parse Perl5? If so,
> why aren't we focusing on that?

PGE isn't much of a parser; it's more like a framework for bulding
parsers. So, once PGE is done, to parse perl5, you'll still have to
write a grammar-ish thing that includes all of the maze of twisty
executions that perl currently goes through to "parse perl".

The same holds for parsing perl6 only the twisty maze isn't there (or is
at least much much smaller)

Jonathan Scott Duff

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