Larry Wall:
> Ruud H.G. van Tol:
>> John Macdonald:

>>> [trans]
>>> If a shorter rule is allowed to match first, then the longer
>>> rule can be removed from the match set, at least for constant
>>> string matches.
>> It is not about the length of the rules, but about the length of the
>> matches.
> They're the same thing when only fixed strings are allowed.  We've
> only been calling the[m] "rules" for lack of a better term, but they
> aren't rules, or even regexes.  Transliteration is "literal".

Yes, I let "rules" carry me away. Maybe with a little help from
misreading the phrase "In the case that more than one sequence of input
characters matches" (S05). And of using PHP's preg_replace() too.

Grtz, Ruud

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