At 2:58 PM +0200 12/19/05, Gaal Yahas wrote:
Can we make this work?

     my $mod = "Some::Module";
     require $mod;

It's a very simple patch to pugs. While we're at it, does anybody see a
compelling reason to leave in the Perl 5 semantics of "require $file"?

I would very much appreciate such a feature myself, since I always or primarily use Perlish names when loading modules. With such a change, I would be able to say:

    require $module_name;

... and have it DWIM, which in my mind is the same as "require Foo;", and I would no longer have to say:

    eval "require $module_name;";
    die if $!;

... as I do now.

I like to save string evals for when I'm actually using arbitrary runtime generated Perl code which is in a variable.

-- Darren Duncan

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