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> On 29/12/05, Austin Frank <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> So, is there a conceptual connection between imposing named argument
>> interpretation on pairs in an arg list and slurping up the end of a
>> parameter list?  Are there other meanings of prefix:<*> that relate to
>> one or the other of these two meanings?
> The missing link is that prefix:<*> in an argument list also causes
> things like arrays to be treated as a sequence of separate parameters,
> rather than as a single array parameter.  See "Flattening argument
> lists" in S06.
> (This was the original meaning of prefix:<*> in arglists; the
> named-pair behaviour was added later, when pair values ceased to have
> named behaviour automatically.)

Personally, I think that prefix * in an arglist should only flatten
array arguments if there is only one array. And if it doesn't, how do
I declare parameter that is 'a slurpy list of arrays' or 'the rest
of the arguments, without flattening'. If I *really* want aggressive
flattening then I can call, say, @slurpy_param.flatten

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