Jonathan Lang wrote:

Instead of

    multi sub *infix:<~>(ArabicStr $s1, ArabicStr $s2) {...}
    multi sub *infix:<~>(Str $s1, ArabicStr $s2) {...}
    multi sub *infix:<~>(ArabicStr $s1, Str $s2) {...}

as S13 say

multi sub infix:<+> (Us $us, Them $them) is commutative { myadd($us,$them) }

I believe this declares that $a + $b == $b + $a, not just that you can swap the types of the arguments. I.e. it implements

multi sub infix:<+> (Them $them, Us $us) { $us + $them }

for you. And string concatenation isn't commutative.


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