Ingo Blechschmidt skribis 2005-12-25 17:37 (+0100):
> I disagree about binding only being a language thing:

I fail to see how your example code illustrates your disagreement.

>         return 42
>             if (my $short := $long_parameter_name) == $specialcase;

That's terribly horrible style!

>     push @foo, (my $head := pop @grtz);

A bit better style, but I'd still recommend against it.

> (Unless of course, you consider this to be obfuscation.)

Not obfuscation, but horrible style. You're doing something in an
expression that has no effect on what happens in the expression itself. 

($bar = $foo) =~ s/// is useful because you need a copy, and the inline
copying is a clear indication of $bar's function: to be $foo in its
state after s///. The same thing with := instead of = would be horrible,
because $bar and $foo would be the same thing, during and after the
expression, and the aliasing itself had nothing to do with the


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