> I wouldn't see a problem with defining a "Real" role that has a fairly
> sparse set of operations. Afterall, a type that does support ++ and --
> (e.g. Int, Num) could easily "does Enumerable" if it wants to declare
> that it supports them.

What about the scripty-doo side of Perl6? One of the overriding design
considerations that Larry put forward at the very beginning was that
the "easy things are easy" part of the philosophy would still remain.
I want to still be able to do something like

    perl -pia -e '@F[2]++' somefile.xsv

And it just DWIM for numbers like 1.2 ( -> 2.2). If Real is what 1.2
is implicitly coerced into, what do I do now?

Remeber a few truisms:
    * The most common usage of Perl after bad CGIs is systems administration.
    * The most powerful feature of Perl for sysadmins is the scalar


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