On 1/18/06, chromatic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 January 2006 19:39, Rob Kinyon wrote:
> > No, you want to specify the $repr in CREATE(). But, p6hash will still
> > not be the same as a ref to an HV. Frankly, I think you're better off
> > letting Parrot mediate things the same way it would mediate Ruby and
> > Perl6 or Perl5 and Python. Worrying about it in userland is just going
> > to cause you headaches.
> Answer me this then -- under your scheme, can I subclass a Perl 5 class with
> Perl 6 code, instantiate the subclass, and use that object in Perl 5 code as
> if the subclass were Perl 5 code, without rewriting all of my Perl 5 code?

You have two cross-language interactions.
    1) Subclass a LangX class in LangY
    2) Instantiate a LangY class and use that object in LangZ
That LangX === LangZ is irrelevant to the discussion.

So long as you aren't peeking behind the curtain (method calls only),
Parrot should be able to mediate everything. In other words, if your
code is good OO code, then you shouldn't have any problems.


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