On 1/18/06, Trey Harris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Excuse my ignorance of the finer points, but I thought the reason for
> bless's continued existence was so that the same sort of brilliant OO
> experimentation that Damian and others have done with pure Perl 5 can
> continue to be done in pure Perl 6 without having to hack p6opaque?

That's what the .meta and the MetaObject Protocol is for. Not to
mention that 90% of the hacking done in Class:: and Object:: will
handled by the fact that Perl6 has actual OO syntax. ("Look Ma, no
hands!") You won't need Class::MakeMethods because Perl6 will make
your accessors for you. You won't need Class::Std to protect your
instance data because p6opaque will ... well, it's opaque. :-)

As for the ability to "hook into" the P6 OO system, you'll have
CREATE, BUILD, BUILDALL, true NEXT semantics, and the ability to
completely rewrite the method dispatcher (if you really feel like it).
I think we've gone well beyond &bless.


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