On 1/20/06, Juerd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Note, by the way, that JS has "primitive" strings, and Strings, only the
> latter being objects. Fortunately for us, though, a string is
> automatically promoted to a String when the string is USED AS an object.

In other words, according to userland, everything is an object.

> > But, if you must use the WMoT, then I suspect the following will happen:
> >     1) The WMoT notices your use of &bless and marks that package as a
> > class and that method as a constructor.
> >     2) It creates a Perl6 class for your use, noting the accesses into
> > the Perl5 reference that you used and calling those attributes.
> >     3) It then creates your BUILD() method, putting all the non-bless
> > components of your new() into it.
> Doesn't solve the problems as mentioned in this thread, like overlapping
> methods.

Yeah it does because all $repr's are p6opaque with direct access being
converted into attribute access. No method overlap.


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