--- Larry Wall wrote:
> Yes, that's a typo.

Which reminds me, I noticed some Synopsis typos as follows.


1) "List flattening" section, sixth paragraph:

  ... call semantics as is does in scalar context

Change "is" to "it".


1) "The do-once loop" section, last paragraph:

  ... followed by a statment label

Change "statment" to "statement".

2) "Control Exceptions" section, third paragraph:

  ... or by falling of the end of it

Change "of" to "off".

3) "Control Exceptions" section, last paragraph:

  ... in current subroutine. then a fallback search

Change "then" to "Then".


1) "Parameter and arguments" section, last paragraph:

  ... need to be kept in the list until bound. an implementation

I assume "an" should be "An".

2) "Polymorhpic Types" section, second paragraph:

  Fancier type constrains ...

I assume "constrains" should be "constraints".

3) "Generic Types" section, first paragraph, last sentence:

  It declares the new type name in whatever scope the
  surrounding declaration is associated lexical scope.

I found this phrasing unclear.

4) "Return Types" section, fifth paragraph:

  ... but outside the sub it just we don't know anything

I found this phrasing unclear.

5) "Pairs as lvalues" section, second paragraph:

  ... provided you write hte left side

Change "hte" to "the".


Though only an example, in the interests of historical
accuracy, I'd like to see:

  use perl5:ACME::Bleach-1.0-DCONWAY;

changed to:

  use perl5:Acme::Bleach-1.12-DCONWAY;

Only Casey West (erroneously) spelled Acme as ACME (to annoy
Leon Brocard). And there never was an Acme::Bleach-1.0; it
was moved from Bleach to Acme::Bleach at version 1.12.


1) "Methods" section, eleventh paragraph:

  However, you can turn extend any of the legal forms...

I found this phrasing unclear.

2) "Types and Subtypes" section, sixth paragraph:

  ... (takes away capabiliites)

Change "capabiliites" to "capabilities".


1) "Fallbacks" section, second paragraph:

  That is, you're specify the abstract operation...

I found this phrasing unclear.

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