On 2/6/06, Larry Wall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This is mostly motivated by linguistics rather than computer science,
> insofar as types/classes/roles in natural language are normally
> represented by generic objects rather than "meta" objects.  When I
> ask in English:
>     Can a dog bark?
> that's equivalent to asking in Perl 6:
>     Dog.can('bark')

That sentence is ambiguous.  You can interpret it as:

    Can some dog bark?

Or as:

    Can every dog bark?

I think you meant the latter, however the sentence is leaning toward
the former.  "Can dogs bark?" would be less ambiguous in that respect.

And while I'm starting to see the linguistic rationale behind this
decision, I still can't find anything concrete that this buys us. 
Call me an American, but I like instant gratification.


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