On 2/6/06, Larry Wall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So the basic answer to you question is, I think, yes.  If Dog chooses
> to always return true for .defined, then (in Haskell terms) it's more
> like a Just type than a Maybe type.  Perl 6's objects like to be Maybe
> types by default, but you can override it.  (I'm using the Haskell
> terms loosely here, of course.)  But the very concept of definedness
> is getting mushy in Perl 6.  What we need is more concepts of the
> form "Is this *sufficiently* defined for what I want to do with it?"
> That's why I proposed "defined according to a particular role" as
> one way to ask that sort of question.

So, if ^Dog describes a Dog which defines a $dog, do we need an
undescribed() function?

Just kidding... kinda.

Ashley Winters

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