On Tuesday 07 February 2006 23:55, Yuval Kogman wrote:

> Does this imply that we should think up this process?

Go ahead.

> If I propose a concrete plan for the implementation of Perl 6 in a
> layered fashion it will probably be even more overlooked.
> I have no authority, and this is not something I can do on my own.

If other people find it valuable, that's all the authority you need.

The last time someone tried to set forth a complete specification in a 
particular order was the Perl 6 documentation project.  That didn't work 
then.  I have doubts that specifying a complete compiler and toolchain 
without at least some trial and error will work, but I could be wrong.

Maybe the right place to start is to gather a list of all of the questions you 
need to have answered and all of the features people want, and then try to 
unify them into a Perl 6-ish whole.

-- c

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