On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 09:09:30PM -0700, Joshua Choi wrote:
: Kudos to all the Perl 6 mailing list.

Not to mention all the people on the list...  :-)

: What's the difference between
:   multi sub infix:<..> ( Int $min, Int $max ) { ... }
: and
:   multi method infix:<..> ( Int $min, Int $max ) { ... }
: ?

A multi sub presents only an MMD interface, while a multi method presents
both MMD and SMD interfaces.  In this case, there's not much point in the
SMD inteface since .. used as infix is always going to call the MMD interface.

: And in the case there isn't one, what's the point of declaring if it's a
: "sub" or "method"; why not just "multi" or something? Surely there won't
: be multirules, multimacros, etc. Right?

If you just say "multi" it defaults to "multi sub".  We can theoretically
have "multi rule" if you declare parameterized rules, though most rules
take the same argument list.  A set of "multi macro" would presumably
dispatch at compile time, but it's not clear how the various "is parsed"
rules would interact.


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