Brad Bowman wrote:
> and against the spirit of the "my $COMPILING::x" in earlier versions of
> S06.
> Regardless of the "not a block" status of a q:code, I think that it's
> lexicals should only be visible within the q:code by default.  If this
> is the intention of the above phrase the it should be made clearer.

Indeed the design is intentionally unhygienic; I couldn't find an easy
way for default-hygienic to turn into unhygienic (we do need unhygienic
macros sometimes), and there's a very easy way to turn
default-unhygienic to hygienic ones (just add another pair of curlies).

I'm not particularly happy with this; another thought is for q:code to
be hygienic by default, but introduce a q:code(:no_scope) or
q:code(:leak) or q:code(:unhygienic) or some other flag to remove the
implicit scoping.  Would that be a saner default? :-)


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