* Damian Conway ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [060315 01:52]:
> That's why the general Perl 6 Pod syntax allows any block construct to be 
> labelled:
>     =begin comment (explanation)
>     The devil made me write this code
>     =end comment
>     =begin comment (future implementation)
>     Add a :devil option
>     =end comment
>     =begin comment (design)
>     See www.dev.il/design/S25.pod
>     =end comment
>     =begin comment (etc. etc.)
>     >:-)
>     =end comment

But are we still applying huffman encoding here?  I mean: do we really
write that little comments that long constructs are acceptable?

What about

      =comment explain
      The devil made me write this code
      =comment future
      Add a :devil option
      =comment design
      See www.dev.il/design/S25.pod
      =comment etc. etc.

Much cleaner, and I don't like Pascal.


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