* Larry Wall ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [060327 01:07]:
> On Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 02:40:03PM -0800, Larry Wall wrote:
> : On the original question, I see it more as a junctional issue.
> : Assuming we have only chmod($,$), this sould autothread:
> : 
> :     unless chmod MODE, all(@files) -> $oops {
> :     ???;
> :     profit();
> :     }
> Except that junctional logic is allowed to fail as soon as it can be
> falsified,

$oops being the filename or the error?  To produce a good error
report, you need both.

To be compatible with Perl5, the order of the @files must be preserved.

Is it really worth it to design a new syntax to avoid the use of 'for'
with chmod?  In more characters as well?

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