At 15:04 -0800 1/4/06, Larry Wall wrote:
Recently I had time to think about the $ symbol we use in Perl.

I think Perl has been using the USD symbol for too long, and I'm now sure
that it's time to replace it. After some research I came to the conclusion
that the best fit is the euro symbol (¤).

So, spread the word, Perl 6 will require you to replace all the $ in your
scripts with ¤. That's just a regex after all...

But $ isn't specifically a USD symbol. Its used by Canada and Australia too, if not more places. Its multi-country like the Euro is.

Perhaps what we need is a more universal currency.  I suggest gold.

So every relevant symbol name could start with 'Au' instead of '$', and an advantage of this is that it is still easy to type on any keyboard.

-- Darren Duncan

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