Uri Guttman wrote:
> one of these days when i have tuits of large circumference, i will do a
> nit pass over as much of the A/E/S as i can handle before my brain
> explodes. having done tech editing for perl books is good training for
> this. in fact it would be a good idea to have several such passes by
> those with editing skill before those docs are 'released'. some of the
> concepts are so new to so many and are bleeding edge that the wording
> used has to be extra clean of nits and such stuff as dangling pronouns
> and other common flaws of technical writing.

Indeed.  If we can arrange to have a "docathon" of factoring S* via such
reviewing passes into Perl6::Doc::{Spec,Overview,Tutorial} documents,
that can greatly speed up Perl 6 adoption.

Got some cycles at YAPC::NA::Chicago? :)


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