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  a> +In numeric context (i.e. when casted into C<Int> or C<Num>), a Hash object


i caught this one the other day. looks like the lesson didn't take so we
will have to punish you. you must rewrite pugs in python! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  a> +becomes the number of pairs contained in the hash.  In a boolean context, 
  a> +Hash object is true if there are any pairs in the hash.  In either case,
  a> +any intrinsic iterator would be reset.  (If hashes do carry an intrinsic
  a> +iterator (as they do in Perl 5), there will be a C<.reset> method on the h

dangling 'h'.

  a> +hash object to reset the iterator explicitly.)
uri, the very punishing grammar nazi.

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