On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 03:38:59PM -0400, John Macdonald wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 12:10:18PM -0700, Larry Wall wrote:
> > The current consensus on #perl6 is that, in postfix position only (that
> > is, with no leading whitespace), m:p/\.+ \s<ws> <before \.>/ lets you embed
> > arbitrary whitespace, comments, pod, etc, within the postfix operator.
> > 
> The one quibble I see with this is that postfix <one or more
> dots, including 3> might be a touch confusing with infix<exactly
> 3 dots> (i.e. the yada operator).  

There isn't an infix:<...> operator.  There's 
term:<...> ("yada yada yada"), and there's 
postfix:<...> ("$x..Inf").


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