As promised yesterday, today gaal and I entered a gobby Q/A session,
producing the first document under the Perl6::FAQ tree, on the newly
coined Capture objects (previously known as Arguments) objects:

A HTMLized version is also available online:

With gaal's clearly-worded, carefully probing questions, I found myself
discovering unforeseen consequences of the new design -- e.g. @y :=
(1,2,3) is actually an error, and one would need to say [EMAIL PROTECTED] := 

Fortunately, the design seems to stand against the scrutiny. So after
TimToady reported consent from @Larry on the s:g/Arguments/Capture/ name
change, I committed that to the Synopses.

As this represents a rather drastic departure from Perl 5's model, I'd
very much welcome reviews, comments, as well as more questions -- please
feel free to commit directly to the FAQ file, and we'll pick up from
there. :-)

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