Author: autrijus
Date: Mon Apr 17 08:52:55 2006
New Revision: 8741


* S04: Capture ~~ Signature can test for bindableness.

Modified: doc/trunk/design/syn/S04.pod
--- doc/trunk/design/syn/S04.pod        (original)
+++ doc/trunk/design/syn/S04.pod        Mon Apr 17 08:52:55 2006
@@ -764,6 +764,7 @@
     Array   .[number] array element truth*     match if $_[number]
     Num     NumRange  in numeric range         match if $min <= $_ <= $max
     Str     StrRange  in string range          match if $min le $_ le $max
+    Capture Signature parameter binding        match if $cap can bind to $sig
     Any     Code<>    simple closure truth*    match if $x() (ignoring $_)
     Any     Class     class membership         match if $_.does($x)
     Any     Role      role playing             match if $_.does($x)

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