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  a> * S05: Oops, turns out I entirely read perlop.pod incorrectly;
  a>   "it matches once only" means "it matches successfully once only",
  a>   not "it performs the match once only".  Sorry, TimToady++'s
  a>   original example of:

  a>     (state $x) ||= / pattern /; 

  a>   was correct.

  a> +To reset the pattern, simply say C<$x = 0>.

i did a fresh read of S05 due to all the recent activity (i will post
some edits and questions soonish), but that example baffles me. how does
it emulate the (never used by me) // of p5? my take would be that the rx
would be or-assigned to $x and it would remain set through repeated
calls to the outer sub (assuming a sub). what is the context that makes
it match against $_ vs returning an rx. wouldn't the assignment bleed
into the the //? or is $x || /pattern/ going to do a match if it $x is

in any case, one quick comment on S05 is it needs some more examples and
some explanations of how the examples do what they are claimed to do. i
know this is a synopsis/spec but some places do go into more explanation
with examples than others. i would like to see it more consistant at
that level.



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