Here are two comments after reading S05, Version 18 at

In section "Extensible metasyntax (<...>)"
With both bare hash and hash in angles, the key is always skipped over
before calling any subrule in the value. That subrule may, however,
magically access the key anyway as if the subrule had started before
the key and matched with <KEY> assertion. ...

I first read this "key is always skipped over" meaning that the key is
allways ignored. Perhaps this text could be clarified.

In section "Backslash reform"
The \G sequence is gone. Use :p instead. (Note, however, that it makes
no sense to use :p within a pattern, since every internal pattern is
implicitly anchored to the current position. You'll have to explicitly
compare <( .pos == $oldpos )> in that case.)

Shouldn't this be <?{ ... }> (code assertion) instead of <( ... )>
(result capture)?

Markus Laire

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