On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 05:22:25PM +0100, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
: Why don't we just have <KEY> work as an assertation, instead of having this
: strange "as if" thing?

'Cause the point of most parsing is to rapidly move on, not to rehash the
ground you already covered.  And if you really do need to reparse, you
need to set the position *anyway*, so $<KEY>.beg works fine for that,
and $<KEY> itself works fine for retraversing the key if you need to.
In fact, that's true in either direction, so you can negatively traverse
$<KEY> in reverse within a lookbehind:

    token macro_only_after_foo ($isparsed) {
        <<after foo <ws> $<KEY> >> <$isparsed>


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