Darren Duncan wrote:
At 2:03 PM -0700 5/6/06, Larry Wall wrote (in reply):

No, Range objects in Perl 6 are defined to be intervals unless used
in a context that implies discrete increments, such as counting in
list context.  But if you say

    $x ~~ 1.2 ..^ 3.4

it is exactly equivalent to

    1.2 <= $x < 3.4

The main point of context is to avoid an explosion of types.

At 10:19 PM +0100 5/6/06, James Mastros wrote (also in reply):

A range listifies to a (potentially) finite list of discrete elements, but it compares as a range. 1.1 should ~~ 1..2; pugs thinking that's false is a
bug, not a feature.

Okay, thank you both for clarifying this.

Conceptually in my mind, a Range is entirely appropriate to represent a mathematical interval, but I was mistaken about Range being more constrained than it actually is.

So, there you go mAsterdam; Range is indeed the interval you are looking for.

I hope it is also the appropriate type for implementing
relations with temporal attributes.

Thank you all for your prompt discussion.

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