On Mon, May 08, 2006 at 12:34:26PM +0200, Dr.Ruud wrote:
: What would be the way to define-or-set that a specific hash has
: non-case-sensitive keys?

Use a shaped hash with a key type that defines infix:<===> appropriately,
since object hashes are based on infix:<===> rather than infix:<eq>.

: Or broader: that the keys should be normalized (think NFKC()) before
: usage?

I think it would be up to the type to generate, transform to and/or
cache such a canonicalized key.

: Would it be easy to "delegate it to the hash"? (or use a hardly
: noticeable wrapper)

Probably--just give the hash a shape with a key type that is easily
coerced from the input types, I suspect.  Hash keys could probably
afford to do an implicit .as(KeyType) even if the current language
were to disallow implicit conversions in general.


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