>>>>> "AR" == Allison Randal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  AR> Including :skip(/<someotherrule>/). Yes, agreed, it's a huge
  AR> improvement. I'd be more comfortable if the default rule to use
  AR> for skipping was named <skip> instead of <ws>. (On IRC <sep> was
  AR> also proposed, but the connection between :skip and <skip> is more
  AR> immediately obvious.)

a small point but why not have both <ws> and <skip> be aliased to each
other? i like the <skip> connection but <ws> is (usually) about skipping
white space which is likely the most commonly skipped text. both names
have value so we should have both. and i think in most cases you won't
see many explicit <skip> or <ws> as they will be implied by the
whitespace in the rule/term/whatever that has skipping enabled.


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